Prisovo Monastery

Popular Name Prisovo
Orthodox Name St. Archangel Michael
Region NC, Veliko Turnovo

The Prisovski monastery is situated 9 km. from Veliko Turnovo and 4 km. from the village of Prisovo.

History and general info
Among the folds of the Elenski Balkan Range near the shore of Eleshnik river is hidden the “St. Archangel Michael” monastery, called Prisovski after the name of the near village of Prisovo.

According to the legend the cloister was established by Asenevtsi brothers in memory and glorification of the perished Bulgarians who died in a battle with the armies of Emperor Isaac Angel on the peak of Archangelovden. During the time of the Second Bulgarian State the monastery was the place where religious men and transcribers were prepared to teach.

After the fall of Bulgaria under the Ottoman rule the temple was devastated and later on in 1409 it was rebuilt and the school re-established. The legends tell about the often visits of Tzar Ivan Alexander and his family. After the rebellions in Turnovo the Turks burned the cloister to the ground. The scared people from the region didn’t long dare to restore the monastery. In 1858 master Petko Christov from Debeletc constructed the monastery temple. A permission with a decree was given by the sultan. But the Ottomans often fell upon for robberies and violence and for this reason secret places were made under the rooms for hiding the monks and the rebels. Many villagers helped in the constructive work of the monastery.
Accommodation and food

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