Novo Selo Monastery

Popular Name Novo Selo
Orthodox Name Holy Trinity
Region NC, Lovech

Novo Selo Monastery is located in Novo Selo neighborhood of the town of Apriltsi.

History and general info
The Novo Selo Monastery was the first monastery built during the National Revival. Most of the other monasteries originated earlier than the Revival which started in mid-18th c. Novo Selo Monastery was built in 19th c. by local leaders. The daughters of some of them became the first nuns there. The monastery was the regional headquarters of the anti-Turkish April Uprising. In the course of nine days a Bulgarian authority was established here and the Novo Selo Republic was proclaimed. Novo Selo was besieged by the Turkish troops for an unequal battle. Finally the survivors found refuge in the monastery. Bullet traces can still be seen there, as the holy place keeps the relics of nuns who died from Turkish swords.

Today Novo Selo Monastery looks like a haven as if no massacre took place here. It has a lovely garden with a fountain in front, and the four majestic spruce trees add a special touch to the vista.
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