Knyazhevo Monastery

Popular Name Knyazhevo
Orthodox Name Virgin Mary's canopy
Region SW, Sofia

The Knyazhevo Monastery " Virgin Mary's canopy " is located around 4 km away from the central area of the Knyazhevo district at the foot of Vitosha mountain.

History and general info
The monastery was founded in 20th century.

It belongs to Bulgarian Old-style Orthodox Church with strict respect to the canonic rules, including guests' receptions only on Sundays and religious holidays.

Every year on 1st October there is an anniversary of the Pokrov na Sveta Bogoroditsa (The Protecting Veil of the Mother of God) which is celebrated as a feast.

It is an active, virgin’s monastery.
Accommodation and food
The monastery has premises for guests.
A comfortable transportation from the central area of Sofia is tram No. 5 from the Court Chamber.

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