Karan Vurbovka Monastery

Popular Name Karan Vurbovka
Orthodox Name St. Marina
Region NC, Rousse

The cloister with a holy spring is located at Rousse Deanery.

History and general info
The monastery was founded in 16th century at the time of Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian monasteries.

After Bulgaria was conquered by the Turkish, the cloister was set on fire and later restored (1828 – 1859). A legend tells about a blind Turkish boy who left for the fields to look for his father and stopped for a while to drink water from a spring. He washed his eyes and immediately his blindness disappeared. The miracle happened on 17th July, the day on which the Christians honor the memory of St. Marina. Then the boy’s father gave away the field and the spring in order the monastery to be restored.

The monastery is active, for nuns.
Accommodation and food

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