Kalugerovo Monastery

Popular Name Kalugerovo
Orthodox Name St. Nicholas
Region SC, Pazardjik

The monastery is situated in the outskirts of Sredna Gora mountain, near the village of Kalugerovo.

History and general info
According to some records the monastery existed as early as the time of Crusades (11th 13th c.) and in 1419 it was razed to the ground by the Turkish. Later it was restored.

For the first time the monastery was mentioned in a handwritten note from 1693. In 17th and 18th century Kalugerovo Monastery was a centre of literary activities.

During the April rising (1876) the monastery was set on fire by the Turkish. In 1906-08 it was rebuilt.

A marble slate from the time of the Roman emperor Julian has been preserved as well as a few marble slates from 19th and the beginning of 20th century with inscriptions in Bulgarian.

The monastery is active, without monks.
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