Kalofer Monastery

Popular Name Kalofer
Orthodox Name The Nativity of the Mother of God
Region SC, Plovdiv

The monastery is situated in the vicinity of Kalofer (7 km. to the northwest). When we top the ridge of Strajata (The Guard), we can find a separate road to The Byala reka river, which leads to the Holy cloister.

History and general info
The historical archives specify that the monastery existed in 16th, 17th and 19th century. Three centuries the cloister enjoyed calm and peaceful existence. The memories tell about the Kurdzhalii raids in 1799 and in 1804. They were followed by complete destruction.

The monastery was restored again in 1819 by the local people. The Liberation from Turkish domination (1878) found the monastery thoroughly ruined.

In 1880 master-builder Gencho Kunev from Tryavna built the present church. Near it one can find a holy spring with the chapel “St. Pantaleymon”, built in 1825. A legend says that the holy water cured the blindness of Turkish notable’s daughter.
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