Arbanasi (St. Nicholas) Monastery

Popular Name Arbanasi (St. Nicholas)
Orthodox Name St. Nicholas
Region NC, Veliko Turnovo

The monastery is located in Arbanasi village, which is situated 5 km away from Veliko Turnovo on the road to Gorna Oryahovitsa, at Veliko Turnovo Deanery.

History and general info
St. Nicholas Monastery was founded in 13th century. It was a part of the widespread religious construction under the Assen dynasty, the founders of the Second Bulgarian State. Its artistic and historical value lies above all in the surviving murals in the St. Elijah Chapel, probably dating from 1716; a monumental figure of Christ the Great Archangel; 12 scenes from the Holy Akathistos, and 6 scenes from the life of Christ. The effective coloring and rich palette, the confidence in the portrayal of the human figures, the unusually varied architectural decoration reveals the hand of a master from a superior and more erudite school. The filigree wooden iconostasis in the chapel, with its delicate and exquisite decorations, is valuable treasure.

At present, the monastery is active, for nuns.
Accommodation and food

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