Gorna Breznitsa Monastery

Popular Name Gorna Breznitsa
Orthodox Name St. Prophet Ilia
Region SW, Blagoevgrad

The Gorna Breznitsa monastery is situated above the village of the same name and 5km northwest of the town of Kresna. It offers magnificent view beneath, and to the Malashevtsi and Pirin mountains with Pirin’s peak Vihren standing out in the distance.

History and general info
The Gorna Breznitsa monastery is new, established in 1992. It is named after Prophet Iliya. The complex consists of a small church, residential part and a bell-tower. A new church was built in 2004. In the monastery yard some remains of a nunnery can be found. The former nunnery was ruined during the period of Turkish domination and nuns fled to present-day Macedonia.

Very close by one can see a holy spring, where the icon of St. Iliya was found by a shepherd. It is considered to be miraculous.

A representative of a different epoch is the ancient Thracian earth ware, which was come across during the construction of the temple. The vessels, found here, date back to the middle of the 3rd century AD.
Accommodation and food
The monastery offers 3 rooms with 3 beds each for accommodation, the price being 3 leva (1.5 EUR) per person. Food is not served but one can find delicious meals in the nearby village of Gorna Breznitsa. A big fireplace, next to the entrance of the monastery, can be used by the visitors.
The monastery can be reached by car after one turns off the Sofia-Kulata main road in the town Kresna. Following 5km down the asphalt off-road, one arrives to the village of Gorna Breznitsa and then needs to ride for 1,200 meters more down an acceptable dirt road. The entire road from Kresna to the monastery is well-signed.

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