Bistritsa (St. Petka) Monastery

Popular Name Bistritsa (St. Petka)
Orthodox Name St. Petka
Region SW, Sofia

The Bistritsa monastery “St. Petka” is situated in the Kalugerovi Livadi area of the Vitosha mountain. It lies in the southern outskirts of the village of Bistritsa, some 15km away from the Sofia city.

History and general info
The monastery was established in the 10th century, but as most Bulgarian monasteries of that time, it was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion in the 14th century. Following Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman rule in 1878, a small church was built there that existed until 1951. The present-day church was constructed in 1956. At present, the monastery is operational though during our visit in early 2006 it was temporary closed to visitors as its last father superior had died while no replacement had yet been appointed.

The monastery consists of a small church, residential and farm buildings. The church, named after St Iliya, consists of a single nave, has no dome and has a narthex and a bell-tower rising above it.

The church’s holiday is celebrated on the 14th October.
Accommodation and food
Not offered at this time.
Traveling by car from Sofia, you need to turn right before reaching Bistritsa centre, and then climb up the Vitosha hills for another 2-3km.

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