Godech Monastery

Popular Name Godech
Orthodox Name Holy Spirit
Region SW, Sofia

The Holy Spirit monastery, also known as the Godech monastery, is situated close to the Bulgarian-Serbian border, to the northwest of Sofia. It lies in the western end of the town of Godech, about 100m. away from the road connecting Godech to the town of Dragoman.

History and general info
The exact date of establishment of Godech monastery is not known but a historical fact is that the valley of the Nishava river has been home to many churches and monasteries ever since the Middle Ages. The Godech region was a big religious centre and a part of the wider “small Sveta Gora” (as the area around Sofia is called due to the large number of monasteries there) during the Second Bulgarian State and the early years of Ottoman rule.

There is an interesting story about finding the ruins of the two churches over which the present-day monastery is built. An old woman, Bona Velinova from the village of Grigorovo, was gifted by God to find ruins of monasteries and churches. In 1920, she came to Godech and wished to show the local people a place where she believed that ruins of monasteries can be dug. The local priest, Andrei, was against her deeds and chased her away but later was punished with the deaths of his two children. In 1921, Bona came back to Godech and this time she was followed by the locals to a cornfield where she showed a place to dig. There the locals found the foundations of a medieval church. A few footsteps to the southeast, another place with remains of a second church was found. She mentioned then that there were remains of a third temple in the vicinity, too, but somebody else was to find it later on.

The Holy Spirit church is the older and bigger one. The Sveti Sedmochislenitsi church, dedicated to St. Cyril, Metodius and their 5 disciples, was built of bricks during 1951-1952 and owns icons, painted by Mileti Bozhinov in 1951. Currently, the monastery is kept by a secular person, Flora Nakova, who has been here since 1983 after she widowed. A two-storey residential building with 5 rooms and a spacious dining hall was built during the 1960s.

The Monastery is in need of donations for painting the churches walls. Contact for potential donors: +359 (0)896 352523
Accommodation and food
The monastery offers accommodation in cozy rooms for a limited number of people; food is not on the offer, though.
The monastery is easy to reach by car from Sofia, by following the main road to the towns of Montana and Lom. After passing through the village of Buchin Prohod, one has to take a right-hand intersection that leads to Godech after 8km.
+359 (0)89 6352523

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