Monasteries in SC region
Ustrem Monastery

Popular Name Ustrem
Orthodox Name Holy Trinity
Region SC, Haskovo

The monastery “Holy Trinity” is situated in Sakar mountain, at about 3 km away from the village of Ustrem, Topolovgrad Municipality.

History and general info
The monastery is known to have been built during the time of Second Bulgarian State. The cloister has been ruined several times and then restored.

Until 1909 the monastery was for monks. In August, the same year, fifty nuns arrived in the monastery from the village of Studena, Elhovo Municipality. They chose for monastery superintendent nun Evpraksia. She had the leading role in managing the whole complex. In order to collect voluntary donations for maintaining the cloister, she peregrinated all around the country and succeeded in her deed to pay back all monastery debts. She died in 1910.

At present, the monastery is a monument of culture.
Accommodation and food
The monastery meet guests all year round. There are forty beds available in the residential part.

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