Sopot (St. Spas) Monastery

Popular Name Sopot (St. Spas)
Orthodox Name St.Spas
Region SC, Plovdiv

Sopot Monastery “St. Spas” (at the distance of 2 km north-west of the centre) is located immediately at the foothill of the Stara Planina slopes, on the left bank of the Manastirska River.

History and general info
The monastery was founded in the XIV century, later burned by the Turks in 1877.

During the years of Ottoman yoke the Monastery became an important cultural, educational and revolutionary center. Here on 7 December 1858 Vasil Levski was ordained as deacon Ignatii. Again here in 1875 Todor Kableshkov swore in the members of the restored revolutionary committee of Sopot.

The countryside surrounding the Monastery is extraordinary. The initial station of the open-seat lift is near it, too.
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