Sopot Monastery

Popular Name Sopot
Orthodox Name Presentation of the Blessed Virgin
Region SC, Plovdiv

Presentation of the Blessed Holly Virgin Nunnery is located in the town of Sopot, near the central square – north of it.

History and general info
The Monastery was founded in 1667.

What is left from the old buildings after its burning by the Turks in 1877, is the “Presentation of the Blessed Virgin” church and the residential building, in which the abbess lived.

The vine in the yard was also spared.

Today the visitors can see here the cell of Abbess Christina who would often give shelter to Vassil Levski in the past, the secret passage from her cell to the hiding place and the very hiding place of the Apostle of Bulgarian Liberty. The grave of the Abbess who was killed by the Turks in 1877 is located near the wall of the Monastery church, which was built in 1402.
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