Shumski (Lopushnenski) Monastery

Popular Name Shumski (Lopushnenski)
Orthodox Name St. Michael the Archangel
Region SW, Sofia

The monastery is situated in the northern outskirts of the Chepan mountain, Western range of Balkan mountain, at about 6 km. to the south-east from the town of Godech and 1 km to the south from the village of Shuma.

History and general info
It is believed that the cloister was founded in 11th century. It was restored in the middle of 19th century due to a boy, who had a vision.

The present temple was built over the foundations of an older one, significantly bigger. Its construction lasted from 1861 to 1863. In 1864 the temple was sanctified.

It consists of a small, one-nave, one-apse church (restored in 1863), residential and farm buildings.

At present, the monastery is active, without monks.
Accommodation and food
Accommodation is not available at this time but at nice weather there are good conditions for preparing food in the open.
There is a dirt road leading to the monastery. At rainy weather, it is recommended to walk there.
+359 (0)898 47 83 91 - monastery administrator.

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